Stem Cell Research Contributions of Sasha Bakhru

Sasha Bakhru is a VP, CTO, and Co-Founder at Perosphere Inc, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, and an adjunct assistant professor of medical science at Brown University in Providence, RI. Sasha Bakhru is an engineering science grauduate scholar analyzing biomedical manufacturing and mechanical engineering. Sasha attained an academic degree in materials science and engineering investigating the foundations of the design of substances, their assemblage and tissue design. Existing activities incorporate the creation of polymeric hydrogel-based scaffolds for ex vivo neural stem cell development.

Sasha Bakhru has similarly employed his abilities by encapsulating rat neutral stem cells to research them and understand the influence functionalized 3D microenvironments have on substrate-adherent, pluripotent cells. Watch out for publications of his efforts that are soon ahead. He intends to explore polymer-based drug delivery applications, micro-total analysis techniques, and microfluidics and biological microelectromechanical systems. He is a proficient machinist, having 250 hours logged in cleansed fabrication settings. He has u dealt with Mathlab 6.0, Mathematica, Alias Wavefront, Java and C.

Valuable successes that Sasha Bakhru has executed involve an undertaking created to craft a microcapsule-based platform for finding the consequences of distinct biochemical and topographical cues on development and variety. In addition, he has utilized a methylated collagen, set by esterification of tiny bits of the carboxylic acid groups of glutamic and aspartic acid deposits on native porcine collagen (polycationic), and synthetic terpolymer, poly(HEMA: MAA: MMA) (polyanionic) to make microcapsules by varied coascrevation at the interface of drops of methylated collagen blends including stem cell suspensions and receiving baths of terpolymer blends.

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